How to Efficiently Work from Home in 2021 and Beyond?

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Written by Riri

November 9, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic created chaos around the world, closing states and nations or shutting down businesses. Millions of office‐based workers have been directed by governments and business owners to work from home.

In just a couple of months, working from home has become the “new normal.”

Working from home is a concept that involves doing your job in the same conditions as those in the office.

Working from home gives you the flexibility of the program, but also a better work-personal life balance.

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Besides, given that there are no more office distractions, productivity should be higher. (hypothetically)

Working from home and automatic habits

Working from home comes with advantages and disadvantages, and often, what turns out to be an advantage can turn into a disadvantage and vice versa.

It depends on how you organize yourself and your perspective on remote work.

But working from home or working in an office, some challenges might be the same.

Often, life gives us ordinary moments. In these moments, automatic habits are created.

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Routine habits sometimes take up even several hours a day. In this time, unconsciously, we are “set” on “autopilot.”

The routine is not necessarily harmful.

It can save a lot of time because it allows us to make the best decisions quickly.

If we want to exercise our creative intelligence thought, then the routine exercise is of no use to us.

Dealing with the need to overcome routine habits makes us reevaluate our actions and the time we allocate to them and then be creative again.

Since habits occupy a relatively long period of our daily lives, a bit of practical advice would be to follow to integrate during routine activities, some short breaks, to perform regenerative actions for the body, mind, and psyche.

Giving ourselves short breaks from work for recovery and regeneration can be an effective way to improve our work performance and feel very good, even when necessary, to carry out a long-term repetitive activity.

We can say that there is a real art of using time for breaks. Short breaks, in which we will perform various activities complementary to the routine activity we perform, can succeed.

Here are some tips on using breaks during routine activities in your “work from home” office.

1. Take a short break to exercise

Many people spend their time at the office in front of a computer, sitting more or less comfortably, on average, 8 hours a day, which amplifies routine and sedentary lifestyle.

Often, we notice that the mind does not work after several hours of sitting at the office.

It is good to take a break, like a lunch break, do some exercises, or walk for a few minutes. (Yoga or stretching can be a great help!)

If space does not allow another type of movement, we can go down or upstairs for at least 10 minutes, after which we can eat.

If it is possible to walk for a few minutes, it is also useful.

2. Take a short break for mental reorganization

It is important for lunch breaks not to be extended and sitting in a chair. Our minds can easily be distracted by all sorts of nonsense, WhatsApp discussions, or Facebook gossips. In this way, we will be even more tired.

We need to reevaluate the break’s time to be most efficient for our brain. We need to ask the body for effort and reorganize the entire activity that we have to carry out.

The breaks are especially valuable because they help us get closer to completing the action by intelligently ordering the objectives.

3. Take a short break to make something pleasant and enjoyable

Some modern studies have concluded that those who work independently suffer from isolation in their daily lives.

Large corporations’ employees are increasingly isolated; they don’t even have time to know each other’s names.

Now, in the new “work from home” model, these isolation feelings might occur also.

The work teams are slowly disappearing, the meetings are online (telecommuting), and the workload is always increasing. The modern worker is locked in the room without time to socialize. The modern worker often suffers from melancholy and depression.

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It is important to disconnect from our work from time to time. Take a look out the window, or do something that feeds your heart. These actions will make your break very regenerative and effective.

When our attention is focused on something pleasant, there is a rearrangement of our neural connections. That will make us more than capable of getting our job done.

These short breaks, in which to make such a switch, make us return with new forces, to continue the activity that we interrupted.

By doing so, we will be much more efficient in what we achieve and, at the same time, we will live the joyful feeling of working with pleasure.




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