Emotional Healing Turquoise Wrap Bracelet


Soothing anxious dispositions and self-destructive thoughts is what this bracelet can do. Connected with your feminine energy, this bracelet is acting directly against habits of self-neglect, inviting you always to put yourself first.


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Redefine Plus multi-wrap bracelet with Turquoise center stone and a leather wrap.

  • 100% hand made with attention to detail
  • Stones: Turquoise, Jasper, Crystal, Amazonite, Alloy Beads
  • Clasp: Stainless Steel Easy Hook Clasp
  • Adjustable loops to fit any wrist (93cm / 36.61 inches)

The Turquoise crystal meaning works by cleansing your mind, body, and spirit of unwanted or negative energy. When you combine this cleansing effect with the stone's tranquil and calm energy, the result is highly uplifting and positive.

For those who struggle with past trauma, Amazonite can also bring its healing energy to help you step forward. Helping the mind filter out stress and anxiety and learning to let go of that which is not serving us any longer helps patch up old wounds and make things seem much more manageable by breaking down big problems into bite-sized, digestible pieces.

Jasper supports you in strengthening your foundation to feel stable enough to start acting in your life. Waring this bracelet helps you to take on new pursuits, deal with conflicts, and approach problems with creative solutions.

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How to purify a crystal?

One of the best known and most effective cleaning methods is to bury the stones in salt. For this, it is good to use a glass container because it is easy to wash and has a smooth surface on which any type of vibration slides, not being able to be absorbed; for example, ceramic is not indicated because it is porous and the metal is completely not recommended because it interacts electrolytically with salt.

So, in a glass bowl, we put sea salt, then place the stone (if there are several, we must be careful not to touch each other), then another layer of salt, until we cover it completely. It is thus left seven days (some recommend even fewer days, but to always be an odd number of days, considering that the even numbers – 2, 4, 6, 8 – are feminine, receptive numbers, which can not bring any change, no purification), then remove, wash in a stream of water with a fine brush to remove traces of salt.

How to charge the healing crystals with our energy?

We close our eyes holding the crystal in our palm, visualize a stream of bright white light flooding the top of our head, descend to the chest area, go through the hand and enter the crystal. This way, the healing crystals are usually charged, which are later used in personal or another person’s healing. If we use this process for a longer time, the crystal will considerably increase its healing power and become even brighter and more beautiful than at the beginning. The energy we consciously use to charge the crystals causes them to increase their natural properties. Generally, a few minutes are enough.

Shipping and Product Details

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55,75 32,95

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