The Most Powerful Healing Crystals for Your Zodiac Sign

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October 27, 2020
Crystals can bring enormous benefits to human beings on different levels, like physically, energetically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually. But, as their effect is so strong, any abuse of the use will turn against us. Thus, it is necessary to know what properties each crystal has and know how to use it.

Few healing crystal benefits you might not be aware of:

If they are worn around our necks or our wrist all the time, the crystals can charge us with positive energy or balance our energies.

-If we place a large crystal in our house in a safe place, it will beneficially influence the house’s vibrations and those who live in it.

two healing crystals for crystals therapy
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-Crystals give our mental strength and clarity. They absorb, filter, diminish, or even block negative energies, such as stress, fear, depression, tension, anger, illness, etc.

-They also purify, energize, harmonize, and amplify the positive aspects like joy, love, friendship, affectivity, creativity, concentration, courage, confidence, fidelity, and calm.

-The crystals’ energy transforms the molecular composition of water, thus charging it with beneficial energies. If we place the previously charged and purified crystals near the plants, they will grow much faster and more vigorous and healthy.

-With crystals’ help, we can focus our thoughts and even send them remotely, wherever we want. Remote healing through crystals is also based on this property. They help the metaphysical mind to direct the body towards balance and healing.

healing crystal on a table

:-Crystals are also an excellent aid for telepathy, sending, and receiving thoughts. We can also charge a crystal with a certain kind of beneficial energy and use it later, at a certain time. This procedure is possible due to the crystal’s ability to store information.

-It is said that crystals can also help us develop less represented qualities and even help us stimulate and amplify paranormal powers.

The relationship between crystals and zodiac signs

Mineral crystals are known from ancient traditions and legends and were also used in alchemical, astrological, medical, and even religious symbolism. The relationship between crystals and zodiac signs was solid and important, so the information was passed down to the present day when we know that a personal talisman is good to be chosen according to our zodiac sign more than any other.

For Aries, the most beneficial is the aventurine (secondary: jasper, pink quartz, rhodonite, tiger’s eye, malachite, agate, carnelian, and garnet amethyst) (Shop Here!)

The lucky stone of the Taurus zodiac sign natives is emerald. (Shop Here!)

-For Gemini, the healing talisman is the agate. (secondary: citrine, cat’s eyes, tiger’s eyes, aventurine, jasper, pink quartz, carnelian, pearl, turquoise)

-For Cancer, the most beneficial is ruby. (blue chalcedony and calcite, moonstone, onyx, carnelian, pearl)

-For Leo, the healing stone is jade.  (onyx and howlite, tiger’s eye, peridot, carnelian, coral, amber, ruby, and garnet)

-For Virgo, the most important is carnelian. (lapis lazuli, peridot, jasper, citrine, coral, amber, obsidian)

-For Libra, the healing talisman is the opal. ( sunstone, aventurine, rose quartz, rhodonite, citrine, moonstone, jade, aquamarine, hematite, turquoise, obsidian)

-For Scorpio, the most beneficial is aquamarine. (coral, hematite, jasper, citrine, malachite, moonstone, jade, onyx, pearl, ruby, obsidian)

-For Sagittarius, the healing stones are amber, pearl and turquoise, amethyst, tiger eyes, lapis lazuli, and smoky quartz.

-For Capricorn, the lucky talisman is the ruby. (other gemstones for capricorn are onyx, rock quartz, smoky quartz, cat’s eyes, carnelian, garnet, amethyst)

-For Aquarius, the most important is garnet. (obsidian, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, hematite, amber, and amethyst)

-For Pisces, the most beneficial is amethyst. (jasper, tourmaline, jade, howlite, peridot, onyx, turquoise, agate)

How to purify a crystal?

Following 50 years of research, physician and physiology professor Joseph Rodes Buchanan from Covington, Kentucky, USA, claimed that “objects can record thoughts and emotions.” As the crystals have a great capacity to store such energies, it is advisable that, once we have purchased a precious or semiprecious stone, we purify it to remove any traces of other energies with which it came in the previous contact. There are several methods to clean and purify crystals, and most of them use the healing power of nature by using the properties of water, salt, sun, moon, or plants.

One of the best known and most effective cleaning methods is to bury the stones in salt. For this, it is good to use a glass container because it is easy to wash and has a smooth surface on which any type of vibration slides, not being able to be absorbed; for example, ceramic is not indicated because it is porous and the metal is completely not recommended because it interacts electrolytically with salt.

crystal healing 2 breaselets for emotional and mental healing

 So, in a glass bowl, we put sea salt, then place the stone (if there are several, we must be careful not to touch each other), then another layer of salt, until we cover it completely. It is thus left seven days (some recommend even fewer days, but to always be an odd number of days, considering that the even numbers – 2, 4, 6, 8 – are feminine, receptive numbers, which can not bring any change, no purification), then remove, wash in a stream of water with a fine brush to remove traces of salt.

At this moment, our stone is cleaned, and we can use it, charging it with our energy. This method can be used for most crystals.

However, some stones are not recommended to be kept in salt for hours because they can alter their appearance and shine: amber, azurite, hematite, lapis lazuli, malachite, opal, moonstone, sunstone, pyrite, turquoise. In these cases, we will wash these stones under a jet of soapy water, then complete the purification with rain, sound, spring, or rainwater (we will show the methods below).

-Another method widely used is the immersion in saltwater, but this is also a harder method because it can affect different types of crystals, both physically and energetically.

-An extremely beneficial method is to pour cold water over the crystal or even kept under a running tap, after which we let it bathe in the sun’s rays for 30 minutes. After that, lightly polish with a cotton cloth. If we have access to a spring, a river, the sea’s waters, or the ocean, it is even better, but we must be cautious not to lose it. These natural waters will purify it and charge it with fresh energies. We leave it in the sun, then polish it lightly. However, some stones may discolor when exposed to direct sunlight, such as amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, aquamarine, moonstone, turquoise, or fluorite. Other crystals are soluble in water or sensitive to the action of water (for example, sylvite, all types of selenite, azurite, desert rose, etc.). For such stones, we will use another method.

-We can also use rainwater; we place the crystal in a bowl and let it out so that the raindrops fall on it. After that, wipe it lightly with a clean cloth.

-For general cleaning, we can place the crystal on a bunch of quartz crystals for as long as we want, even in the intervals when we do not use it.

-Efficiency is also the smoking of crystals. We can make a bundle of dry cedarwood, sage, and lavender and keep the crystal in the smoke released by this bundle. This is a wonderfully emotional and spiritual purification.

-We can expose the crystal to colored light (especially white, gold, or purple), to wonderful sounds, incantations, etc.

Once the purification is complete, our crystal is ready to be charged with our energy. Once we contact the crystal, it is advisable not to let anyone else touch it, to let that person’s energies interfere with ours. If this still happens, we purify it again before using it again.

How to charge the healing crystals with our energy?

We close our eyes holding the crystal in our palm, visualize a stream of bright white light flooding the top of our head, descend to the chest area, go through the hand and enter the crystal. This way, the healing crystals are usually charged, which are later used in personal or another person’s healing. If we use this process for a longer time, the crystal will considerably increase its healing power and become even brighter and more beautiful than at the beginning. The energy we consciously use to charge the crystals causes them to increase their natural properties. Generally, a few minutes are enough.

We can also program the crystals, charging them with a certain forceful idea, with a thought we want to fulfill. It is important to keep in mind the idea we want, and our intention must be clean and beneficial. We hold the crystal in our palm until we feel it vibrate, and at that moment, we focus on the idea of ​​strength, which can be one of healing, prosperity, love, etc. After we feel that the program has loaded, we place the crystal in a place where we can always see it or always carry it with us in a leather, cotton, or silk bag.

We must know that each stone has certain specific healing and harmonizing properties, producing different effects.




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